My Activities This Weekend

What do you think about weekend? For me, weekend is good time to have fun and refresh mind. Anyway, what do you plan this weekend? If you don’t have any plans, consider following my activities this weekend below:

Go for fishing. Since I was kid, my father liked inviting me to go for fishing. We usually go to river, lake, and even sea. This weekend, I plan to go to a river that is located in another city. Based on my friend’s explanation, the river has much fish and is always crowded by many fishermen. Based on my schedule, I will go there at 9 a.m. together with some of my friends. If you want to follow me, don’t forget to bring fishing equipment, such as: fishing rod, bait, and hook.

soccer aPlay soccer. Are good at playing soccer? If you are, join my soccer team. This weekend, my friends and I will do a match with my colleagues at office. Of course, this is only a fun match to strengthen relationship. If you are keen on playing soccer, make sure that you wear soccer equipment, like soccer shoes, socks, and decks. Anyway, don’t come late because we will start playing at 4 p.m.

Play online game. Before going home, I usually read books or visit first to get updated soccer information. Nevertheless, on weekends, I usually play online game first. You may play with me if you want. My favorite online games are Point blank, Lost Saga, Backyard Monster, City Ville, and Dragon Ville. By playing online games, I can get my mood back and feel happy of course.

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